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How it works

Your order process

Step 1


Browse our clean & safe food vendors who are carefully handpicked by our HealthyFarm team.

Step 3

Pick the best

Choose your fresh produce and products based on community feedback and transparent vendor’s profiles.

Step 3

Add to cart

Add all your selections from various vendors to your cart.

Step 4


Our team will confirm your order, manage inventory and consolidate your order into one package.

Step 5


All you need to do is wait for your greens and sustainable products to come knocking at your door.

Step 6


Yay! You’ve received your order. Now it’s time to amaze your family with your cooking skills.

Sourcing criteria

Sourcing the best quality and most trustworthy vendors is our mission

Field management

Is the field located near a harmful source? Are any pesticides used and how is it documented? How is the field fertilized and how is it documented?


Are containers and food contact surface cleaned before use? Do farmers use labor protection during harvest (gloves, coverings, rubber boots, etc.)? Is dirt and debris removed from produce while harvesting in the field? 

Packaging & Transportation

How is the produce packaged and transported to ensure food quality?

Water source

Where does your water come from? Is it from a portable, surface or underground water source? Is there any sewage treatment process?

Food storage

Is food protected from contamination & stored in food-grade containers? Are foods and food supplies placed at least 15cm off the ground? 


Do you have any certifications (food safety & health, VietGap, etc.)? Are you open to welcome visitors that want to understand your process and learn more about quality standards?

Want to become a vendor online or at the Farmer’s Market?

If you have clean, safe produce, handmade products or want to have a food stall please contact us today!