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Happy hens. Delicious eggs. Naturally-raised, superior quality

About Us

Our Vision

Currently, in Vietnam, industrial production is prioritized. We aim to become the leading pioneer in the farm animal welfare industry in Vietnam and to replicate this model across Southeast Asia.

Our Mission

We aim for the humane treatment of farm animals for happier hens and better eggs. We provide farmer training and raise awareness on responsible consumption to large corporates and consumers.


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HealthyFarm eggs are happily raised by healthy hens in the humane free-range farms and then carefully selected and handled by our farm partners. The final product is packaged in boxes of 12 eggs, convenient for one-week consumption. The box is made of recycled paper so that our consumers can be eco-friendly when purchasing the product.


1.6 times more than industrial eggs

DHA content:

1.6 times more than industrial eggs
1.5 times more than industrial eggs

OMEGA content:

1.5 times more than industrial eggs
less than industrial eggs

Lipid, cholesterol & energy:

less than industrial eggs

Our Farms

Our humane farms raise egg-laying hens in an ideal environment so they can freely practice their natural behaviors such as nesting, perching, dust-bathing, and foraging.
No animal by-products, growth promoters, and antibiotics are allowed in feed. We use two farming methods which are cage-free and free-range.
Cage-free hens are raised in the chicken house with environmental enrichments and without cages whereas, in addition to that, free-range hens are provided the outdoor space to roam free at least six hours a day.

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Our Partners

Evergreen Labs
HealthyFarm retail shop
World Animal Protection


26 Ngo Huy Dien, Da Nang
+84 (0) 236 391 26 86

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